Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2k14

What can I say about 2014? I already wrote a post about this year yesterday, but today while I was watching pictures from this year I have changed it, because I found out that this year it was a w e s o m e! It started out with my birthday, then it was Carnival time, Spain and Monaco, seaside with my family, seaside with my friends, shopping day in Vienna, One Republic and Kongos concert, small trips with my sister all over this year, long shopping days with amazing food, a lot of crazy party nights that has turned into the days, long walks, completed university work for the past year, I've met some new people and I even found time to read books again... of course I can't say that this year it was all good. Sure, I had some downs, emotional breakdowns and things didn't turn out as they were planned to... but that's life. :) From the past year I have learned that you have to enjoy in little things, you need to rebuilt and love yourself and I can say that I am happy, because I find happiness in everyday things. 

One of my happy places is my blog. I still write it for my soul and I almost can't believe how many views, likes, comments or follows did I already got. 
I'm utterly grateful for everything! I love you guys! <3
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.Thank you.Thank you. Thank you... so much!

In 2k15 it's time for a season with no regrets! Live it up, go all out and do what makes you happy. Go places, plan your future and BLOG! 
Happy new year my loves! :*

Love me or hate me, either way, you're thinking about me! ;)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter notd

Finally there's a winter wonderland outside. I'm watching it from the inside, because currently I'm sick and I almost can't get out of bed, but I can't wait to go on a walk in snow and throw some snowballs... but until then I will just admire the perfect blue color of Essie- Aruba Blue nail polish on my nails. It's my first time that my nails are painted in blue, and I really like it! <3

I think that it's not necessary to write how amazing and long-lasting Essie nail polishes are! I even love their bottle and their brush is perfect for the application. They sure are my favorite nail polishes! :)

I wish you have a perfect winter wonderland (outside or on your nails).

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas and presents

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I really hope that you had a merry Christmas. I would say that this year I had a perfect Christmas. With my family we made a Christmas tree on a Christmas Eve and while making it we were listening and singing to popular Christmas songs. Then we had a wonderful Christmas dinner and after it we were watching Christmas movies on TV. On a Christmas morning we opened the presents that Santa left for us and during the day I baked a lot of cookies with my nephew. What else could I wish for? If I have my family I have everything. I'm really blessed and grateful for them! For me family is everything and I would give everything for them.
Oh, and I love all the presents that I got. I almost couldn't believe that they all know me so well. <3 

Em yes, we don't have exactly the traditional Christmas cookies. I had to give a touch of me to the cookies. They are really delicious and not just cute. :)

In this post I also wanted to show you some of the presents that I got under the Christmas tree:

 Katy Perry- Killer Queen parfume (This is the thing that I got most excited about. I love this parfume and I really wanted a new one, because my previous one was empty for a long time). <3

Diva pralines <3 (They look so chic, adorable and expensive. They actually have glitters in the chocolate, but unfortunately they don't taste so good.)

Baking cutters <3

A latern with a pink candle with watermelon flavor and a chocolate bath bomb <3

Princess set with a shower gel, shampoo, lip balm and a fluffy pen <3

Batman socks <3

Marie Colette parfume that smells like a cotton candy (Zuckerpuppchen) <3

Like I already said: I love all the presents that I got!
Some of the pictures above you could already saw on my Instagram profile, if you are my follower. If not, you can follow me here: Fashionandpinkheart

And now we're already counting the days until New year. Only 4 more to go!


Friday, December 19, 2014

Upcoming at Essence: Gel nail polishes

A few days ago I have received a brand new update from Essence Slovenia. It's about trend collection that will be available from the end of February 2015. Since then we will be able to buy Essence gel nail polishes. At Essence they that they will be easy as nail polish, impressive as gel! Special formula gel nail polish also provides more gloss and gel finish.
And how it works? As a first step you just apply the base coat and wait for it to be fully dry. Then you use Essence gel nail polish and you also wait that it's completely dry. After this step you just add a top coat and viola, it's done! :) 
Removing this brand new nail polishes won't be hard, because we can easily remove them with regular nail polish removers. 

Gel nail polishes will be available in 46 colors! Yep, you read right. There will be 46 colors to choose from and there will also be nail polishes with different effects, such as: matte, silky, jelly,etc. :) I just showed you a few of the shades in the pictures above.

Price: Gel nail polish- 1,69 €
         Base or top coat- 2,79 €

Oh, and I almost forgot! At Essence they say that these nail polishes will be a revolution of nails! They say that they have 60% better durability and maximum protection against peeling. We shall see! :) 

Have a nice and sunny day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

They are back

With the title of this post I meant that my beloved boyfriend jeans are back. I haven't worn them in a while now and I really missed them. I just didn't have the right shoes to combine them with for this season. Now that I have new ankle boots I think that my boyfriend jeans are back on a regular week wearing. :)

For this outfit I have decided to keep it more sporty. With ankle boots and boyfriend jeans I did combine a fluffy sweater, a leather jacket, a sporty bag and a beanie with a bow on the top. Black is such a happy color! 

*Wearing: bag:Two Way, jeans: New Yorker, sweater: Primark, jacket: Tally Weijl, beanie: H&M, shoes: random store

Now I'm off to get some proper sleep. Yesterday I was at a concert (Slovenian band Big foot mama were playing <3) so you can imagine how big my lack of sleep is.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Two hats

Lately I've been wearing hats a lot. I also did buy them a lot in the past fourteen days, because before that I did own just one hat. Now I already have 4 of them, and I think that my collection will expand this winter even more. Blame it on the weather... 

1. Barrette 

At first I didn't want to buy this hat. "It's a barrette and I wore them when I was a little girl" I thought... but somehow my friends convinced me to buy it. Now I really don't regret buying it. It's a fun hat to combine with. 

On the picture above you can also see some products that I used for my make up look. I love this Deborah Milano mascara. If you're in interested in a review about any of the products let me know!

Store: Terranova

2. Bow beanie

This beanie was a love at a first sight. I really wanted a classic black beanie and this one is obviously classic, but it's also a bit playful because of the bow. I think it's cute. 

Store: H&M

On the picture above you can also see my new ankle boots. I was looking for Christmas presents and end up buying the perfect shoes for myself. Oh well, can you blame me?! Look how amazing they are! 
By the way... I did buy all the presents that I needed to buy, so it was a win-win situation. :)


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vienna haul part 2: Accessories and make up

Here's the second post of the things I did buy in Vienna. First Vienna haul you can see here and if you're interested you can also check out my post about my Vienna trip here. :) 

* hat from Primark - I already wore it in this outfit post :)
* sunnies from Primark

* Blusher stick in pink color - Primark
When I have bought it I thought that it's a lipstick in baby pink color. I wanted the perfect lipstick in baby pink for a while now, but I just couldn't find the perfect shade... So, when I saw this lipstick look alike package I just grabbed it. Well, I have to tell you that this is my favorite blusher now! It's application is even easier than application with brush. :)

* Blusher with a sponge - H&M
*Coconut lip balm - Primark
I'm in love with this lip balm. It's transparent, but if you put a lot of layers of it it's a bit white. It smells like coconut and it's super moisturizing. I like to put it before or on my lipstick, to keep my lips protected in this cold weather.

* Glitter eyeliner - H&M
It was only 1 € and I just grabbed it, because it's an eyeliner and it has glitters in it. You can never have too many eyeliners. Well, I'm disappointed with this product. It's not very long lasting, because after a few hours it starts chipping off. 

* Pink make up bag with a little bag inside -H&M
*necklace with hearts - Primark
* style your own necklace - Primark
I love this necklace. With a necklace I got 28 alphabet letters and now I can style my own words. :)

* fluffy gloves to keep me warm
*Body splash wonder vanilla - H&M
It smells amazing and it's scent is very long lasting. I like to splash it all over my hair and they smell so nice until I wash them up. This is my favorite product that I did buy on this trip!

* Pink lamp - Ikea
* candle - Primark
It smells like Christmas and berries. <3
* Nail polishes - H&M

Most of my stuff I did buy in Primark or in H&M. SCS shopping center is so big that we would have to drive to the section where are Mac and Kiko with a car... that's why I didn't buy anything from there. But next time... then I want and have to go to these two stores! :)


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vienna haul part 1: Clothes

Finally I managed to take pictures of all the things I have bought In Vienna 2 weeks ago. About my shopping day you can read here. :) 
I have bought a lot of sweaters, because I didn't have any and outside it really feels like winter. 

1. Black fluffy sweater: Primark
I already post an outfit post with it. You can see it here. :)

2. Sporty striped crop top sweater: Primark

3. Cozy and fluffy pink sweater: Primark
I also did an outfit post with this gorgeous sweater. You can find it here.

4. Basic gray sweater: Primark

5. Sweater with shirt 



6. Basic tees

7. Black and white shirt: Primark

8. Black sweater
9. Nude bra with dots
10. Basic black bra
All 3 things from: Primark

11: Funky panties

12. Batgirl pijama: Primark

I love all the clothes that I have bought. During writing this post I have realized that I have bought all the clothes in Primark. It's really a great store! :)

My next post will be about accessories and make up products that I have bought in Vienna.


Monday, December 8, 2014

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die

I am a fan of fluffy things. I love fluffy socks, I love fluffy pillows and I love fluffy sweaters. They have become my latest obsession. I don't know why, but they look so adorable and they are so soft and comfy. 

This pink fluffy sweater is just a perfection. It's over sized and too comfy.
 I think it's my favorite sweater at the moment. 

So, this owl hat it's too adorable. I'm not a fan of hats (although I actually love this and the one that I was wearing in THIS post), but outside it's really cold and my health is not in the best condition at the moment, so wearing a hat is almost a must. 
This one is handmade and made by: Drobcene stvari Katie. <3

I also love the leather jacket that I'm wearing. I love the gold details on it and I love the fur. Of course the leather and the fur are fake! :)

*wearing: jeans: H&M, sweater and necklace: Primark, bag: Pimkie, jacket: Tally Weijl, hat: handmade

I have bought this necklace in Primark and it's awesome! With the necklace you get all the letters from the alphabet and you can make your own and unique words. Awesome, right?!