Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas and presents

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I really hope that you had a merry Christmas. I would say that this year I had a perfect Christmas. With my family we made a Christmas tree on a Christmas Eve and while making it we were listening and singing to popular Christmas songs. Then we had a wonderful Christmas dinner and after it we were watching Christmas movies on TV. On a Christmas morning we opened the presents that Santa left for us and during the day I baked a lot of cookies with my nephew. What else could I wish for? If I have my family I have everything. I'm really blessed and grateful for them! For me family is everything and I would give everything for them.
Oh, and I love all the presents that I got. I almost couldn't believe that they all know me so well. <3 

Em yes, we don't have exactly the traditional Christmas cookies. I had to give a touch of me to the cookies. They are really delicious and not just cute. :)

In this post I also wanted to show you some of the presents that I got under the Christmas tree:

 Katy Perry- Killer Queen parfume (This is the thing that I got most excited about. I love this parfume and I really wanted a new one, because my previous one was empty for a long time). <3

Diva pralines <3 (They look so chic, adorable and expensive. They actually have glitters in the chocolate, but unfortunately they don't taste so good.)

Baking cutters <3

A latern with a pink candle with watermelon flavor and a chocolate bath bomb <3

Princess set with a shower gel, shampoo, lip balm and a fluffy pen <3

Batman socks <3

Marie Colette parfume that smells like a cotton candy (Zuckerpuppchen) <3

Like I already said: I love all the presents that I got!
Some of the pictures above you could already saw on my Instagram profile, if you are my follower. If not, you can follow me here: Fashionandpinkheart

And now we're already counting the days until New year. Only 4 more to go!


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