Friday, December 19, 2014

Upcoming at Essence: Gel nail polishes

A few days ago I have received a brand new update from Essence Slovenia. It's about trend collection that will be available from the end of February 2015. Since then we will be able to buy Essence gel nail polishes. At Essence they that they will be easy as nail polish, impressive as gel! Special formula gel nail polish also provides more gloss and gel finish.
And how it works? As a first step you just apply the base coat and wait for it to be fully dry. Then you use Essence gel nail polish and you also wait that it's completely dry. After this step you just add a top coat and viola, it's done! :) 
Removing this brand new nail polishes won't be hard, because we can easily remove them with regular nail polish removers. 

Gel nail polishes will be available in 46 colors! Yep, you read right. There will be 46 colors to choose from and there will also be nail polishes with different effects, such as: matte, silky, jelly,etc. :) I just showed you a few of the shades in the pictures above.

Price: Gel nail polish- 1,69 €
         Base or top coat- 2,79 €

Oh, and I almost forgot! At Essence they say that these nail polishes will be a revolution of nails! They say that they have 60% better durability and maximum protection against peeling. We shall see! :) 

Have a nice and sunny day!

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