Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vienna haul part 2: Accessories and make up

Here's the second post of the things I did buy in Vienna. First Vienna haul you can see here and if you're interested you can also check out my post about my Vienna trip here. :) 

* hat from Primark - I already wore it in this outfit post :)
* sunnies from Primark

* Blusher stick in pink color - Primark
When I have bought it I thought that it's a lipstick in baby pink color. I wanted the perfect lipstick in baby pink for a while now, but I just couldn't find the perfect shade... So, when I saw this lipstick look alike package I just grabbed it. Well, I have to tell you that this is my favorite blusher now! It's application is even easier than application with brush. :)

* Blusher with a sponge - H&M
*Coconut lip balm - Primark
I'm in love with this lip balm. It's transparent, but if you put a lot of layers of it it's a bit white. It smells like coconut and it's super moisturizing. I like to put it before or on my lipstick, to keep my lips protected in this cold weather.

* Glitter eyeliner - H&M
It was only 1 € and I just grabbed it, because it's an eyeliner and it has glitters in it. You can never have too many eyeliners. Well, I'm disappointed with this product. It's not very long lasting, because after a few hours it starts chipping off. 

* Pink make up bag with a little bag inside -H&M
*necklace with hearts - Primark
* style your own necklace - Primark
I love this necklace. With a necklace I got 28 alphabet letters and now I can style my own words. :)

* fluffy gloves to keep me warm
*Body splash wonder vanilla - H&M
It smells amazing and it's scent is very long lasting. I like to splash it all over my hair and they smell so nice until I wash them up. This is my favorite product that I did buy on this trip!

* Pink lamp - Ikea
* candle - Primark
It smells like Christmas and berries. <3
* Nail polishes - H&M

Most of my stuff I did buy in Primark or in H&M. SCS shopping center is so big that we would have to drive to the section where are Mac and Kiko with a car... that's why I didn't buy anything from there. But next time... then I want and have to go to these two stores! :)


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